World ATM Market – Potential for ATMs

Opportunities for Growth

Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) were introduced in developed countries during the late 1970’s. Only a decade ago, ATM machines were mere cash dispensers through which customers could only withdraw cash and receive details of their bank accounts. The breakthrough in availability of 24*7 transactional services provided by the banks across multiple locations (offsite ATM machines), completely revolutionized the ATM market. The Smart ATMs, which are presently generating considerable revenue in developing countries, are the result of recent technological advancements which enable financial transactions over wireless devices (smart phones). This in turn contributes to growth of the global ATM market. However, the advancements in ATM technology also give rise to some major risks and security threats. Some of the major risks associated with ATM machines such as thefts, online frauds, connectivity and operational issues limit the growth of the ATM markets. The global ATM market is witnessing a progressive growth in developing countries whilst indicating an evolved life cycle in the developed countries. The introduction of novel ATMs such as Solar ATMs and Smart ATMs, in the emerging markets, is enhancing the growth of the ATM market. In addition to this, numerous market players are collaborating with other companies to provide better services to customers and are expanding their geographical presence. Diebold, for instance, launched the world’s first Smart ATM machine in 2013, for the Asia Pacific region followed by Fujitsu, launching a Smart ATM for European retail banking, in April 2014. Singapore, however, is one of the first Asian countries to offer Smart Gold ATMs that dispense gold bars, coins and ingots. Novel innovations in ATM technology are also increasing across developed countries in order to meet the rising consumer demands. This analysis of the global ATM market, is based on the solution, type and geography.
  1. Solution – focuses on deployment solutions i.e., Onsite ATMs, Offsite ATMs, Worksite ATMs & Mobile ATMs and managed services. Offsite ATMs are witnessing rapid growth in recent years amongst all categories.
  2. Type – the ATM market is segmented into conventional/bank ATMS, brown label ATMs, white label ATMs, smart ATMs and cash dispensers.
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