Product News – Truly Endless Flat Belts

An extended range of Truly Endless Flat belts are available in semi-elastic, reinforced and un-reinforced options that can be offered in a wide range of Polymers including Neoprene, Polyurethane, EPDM and Silicone.
Typical applications include ATM’s, banknote re-cyclers, banknote validators, POS printers/cheque readers, office equipment and machine tools.
Precision Flat Belts (Moulded)
Semi-Elastic or Reinforced Flat Belts- Polyurethane
Main features
⦁ Seamless – truly endless
⦁ High Friction PU
⦁ Anti-Static versions available
⦁ Dual Durometer hardness available
⦁ Thickness Range 0.65 – 2.5mm
⦁ Polyester or Kevlar reinforcement
⦁ Resistant to Ozone, UV and Hydrolosis


Unsupported Flat Belts – Polyurethane, Neoprene, EPDM, and Silicone

Main features
⦁ Seamless – truly endless
⦁ Shore Hardness to suit application

⦁ High Friction versions avavilable
⦁ Anti-Static versions available
⦁ Dimensions available on request

Truly Endless Flat Belts
Truly Endless Flat Belts











Endless Flat Belt Case Study
A cash re-cycler OEM involved BCS at the start of their next generation development project with a challenge to help reduce belting costs whilst improving performance.
BCS offered our range of truly endless semi-elastic polyurethane flat belts, eliminating the need for tensioning devices. Our 2nd generation product was successful in comparison performance tests with our leading competitors products when life tested for cash handling applications. Our innovative tool design and manufacturing process allows consistency in the position of the neutral axis of the yarns resulting in consistent speed and reduced vibration,v resulting in higher process speeds and therefore improved performance. With the option of a wide choice of hardness we were also able to provide the frictional and anti-static properties required for the high speeds required throughout the banknote path of the re-cycler.
The customer completed successful performance and life tests and are now specifying BCS precision semi-elastic flat belts within their next generation re-cycler.

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